.......11/11/1995 Christopher W. Fitzpatrick
..........a) 10/05/1996 Daniel James Dahl
..........b) 10/06/1996 Nickolas Careone

11/11/1995 Christopher W. Fitzpatrick, O.S.J. (b. in 19xx; still living).
......e-mail address: BpChristopher@WOCA.org

Ordained a priest on 09/28/1986 at xxxxx

  1. by xxxx, a bishop of xxxxx.

Consecrated a bishop on 11/11/1995 at Seattle, Washington,

  1. by Paul Anthony Diederich, S.G.S., a bishop of theWestern Orthodox Church in America,
  2. assisted by Paul William Seese, an archbishop of theAurocephalous Orthodox Catholic Apostolic Church,
  3. and by Mark Steven Shirey Shirilau, the archbishop and Primate of the Ecumenical Catholic Church. [Bp. Fitzpatrick states that the second co-consecrator was not Bp. Shirilau, but was William Bolinger, S.S.F., a bishop of the Catholic Apostolic Church in North America. Bp. Shirilau, however, insists that he was the co-consecrator and that Bp. Bolinger was only there as a guest.]

Bp. Fitzpatrick is the Presiding Bishop of the Diocese of the Columbias for theWestern Orthodox Church in America and is a Chaplain of Honor for The Ancient and Sovereign Hospitaller Order of Saint John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta (Russian Succession Knights of Malta).

Bp. Fitzpatrick has consecrated as bishops:

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