Shown above is the tombstone of Rev. Edmund A. Walsh, S.J.,
in the Jesuit Cemetery on the Main Campus of Georgetown University.
This was the cover of the concluding report for the Conference on the School of Foreign Service
that in October 1968 had been the University's official celebration of

the 50th Anniversary
of the founding of the Georgetown Foreign Service School.
I was the director of that Conference and the author of this Report.


This history will concentrate on the period 1919 through 1972,
and covers the rise and fall
of a unique educational institution.



(N.B. This was accomplished through a three-step process
beginning in 1951,
when the G.U. Administration
took away the SFS's budgetary autonomy,
accelerating in 1955,
when the G.U. Administration
merged the SFS's faculty into the College's,
and culminating in 1970,
when the G.U. Administration hired as SFS Dean

the young Dr. Peter F. Krogh
conditioned on his agreeing that henceforth
the school's curriculum would be controlled

by the departments of G.U.'s College of Arts and Sciences.

Click here for my account of the ruination of the SFS.





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