ca. _______________ 1792 - _______________ 18_____ @ Frontenac Co., Ontario
Michael Swift & Johannah Corcoran
m. ca. _______________ 1826 @ Co. Kilkenny, Ireland
Michael BURK
ca. _______________ 17____ - ______________ 18____ @ Frontenac Co., Ontario
s/o __________ Burk & _______________

...........1) James BURKE _____ Mar 1835 - _______________ 18____ @ _________ Co., _________

...........2) Thomas BURKE _____ Jan 1838 - @ Frontenac Co., Ontario

...........3) Mary BURKE _______________ 1838 - _____ Aug 1846 @ Frontenac Co., Ontario
...........never married

...........4) Others?


Mary and Michael almost certainly had children, but identifying them and their families from among all the Burks, Bourkes and Burkes living in and near Kingston in the early and mid 1800s will take considerable time and effort. Either both Mary and Michael died young or else Mary died young and Michael remarried. A Michael Burk(e) of Pittsburgh Township married a Catherine Farrell around 1860. This could be Mary Swift Burk's widower or else a son of hers. One child, or grandchild, of Mary Swift Burk may have been the 8 year old Mary Burke who died in August 1846 at Barriefield in Pittsburgh Township, Frontenac County (A Michael Burke and a Henry Bowman were the witnesses to her burial on August 14). A Michael Burke died aged 56 years in April 1848 and was buried on April 17, 1848, in Saint Mary Cemetery, Kingston Township, in the presence of a John Burke and a Patrick C. Murdock. Mary and Michael most likely lived in Kingston Township not too far from Glenburney.

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