.....10/12/1997 Richard G. Roy, O.S.J.D

10/12/1997 Richard G. Roy, O.S.J.D ( 19xx; still living).
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Ordained a priest on 05/22/1994 at Warrensburg, New York,

  1. by William D. Donovan, an archbishop and the primate of the American Catholic Church. Bp. Roy had previously been a brother in a Roman Catholic institute.

Consecrated a bishop on 10/12/1997 at Troy, New York,

  1. by Paul David C. Strong, O.S.J.D., a bishop and the primate of the Apostolic Catholic Church in America,
  2. assisted by Richard John Cardarelli, the presiding bishop of the American Apostolic Catholic Church,
  3. and by Paul Anthony Diederich, SGS, the presiding bishop of the Western Orthodox Church in America.

Bp. Roy is the founder, and the Primate, of the National Catholic Church of America, and is the Abbot of the Order of Saint John the Divine.

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