........07/07/1997 Dennis Joseph Finnegan

07/07/1997 Dennis Joseph Finnegan (b. in 1958; still living).
......e-mail address: HCCMDH@aol.com

Ordained a priest for the Ecumenical Catholic Church, on 09/10/1994 at Hartford, Connecticut,

  1. by Mark Steven Shirey Shirilau, the archbishop and Primate of the Ecumenical Catholic Church.

Consecrated a bishop for the Holy Catholic Church, on 07/07/1997 at Chicago, Illinois,

  1. by Robert Wayne Martin, a bishop of the Holy Catholic Church,
  2. assisted by Floyd A. Kortenhof, a bishop of the Evangelical Catholic Church,
  3. by Michael Ronald Steinhadt Vogt, a bishop of the Free Catholic Church (Costa Rica),
  4. and by Raphael Byron Deford Solano, a bishop of the Iglesia Ortodoxa Apostolica Costaricense.

Bp. Finnegan is the Metropolitan of the diocese of Hartford, Connecticut, and, since 1997, has been the presiding bishop of the Holy Catholic Church, and the spiritial adviser for the Franciscan Friars of Providence.

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