.First Lineage_____

In June 1988, Archbishop-Bishop Emeritus Marcel Lefebvre and Bishop Emeritus Antonio de Castro Mayer, together, consecrated four bishops for Msgr. Lefrebvre's Sacerdotal Society of Saint Pius X, a Traditionalist Roman Catholic organization of priests that he founded in 1970 and that, while recognizing John Paul II as Pope, refuses to cooperate with what they consider the post-Vatican II hierarchy's "auto-destruction" of the Church.

Both Msgr. Lefebvre and Msgr. Mayer died in 1991. Soon after, the four bishops whom in 1988 they had together consecrated for the SSPX agreed to the consecration of a fifth bishop to serve the Traditionalists in Msgr. Mayer's former diocese of Campos, Brazil.

A decade later, a retired bishop in The Philippines, Msgr. Salvador Lazo y Lazo, came forward to add his support to the cause of the SSPX.

Msgr. Lazo, however, has not (yet) participated in any ordinations or consecrations for the SSPX.

Both the liceity and the validity of this lineage group's five episcopal consecrations have been subjects of considerable contention. Click here for an essay accepting the validity of the Lefebvre/Mayer line of bishops. Click here for an essay disputing the validity. Click here for a critical survey of the work of the SSPX.



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