In the mid-1960s Msgr. Mario Renato Cornejo-Radavero was an Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Lima, Peru, and a young protegé of Msgr. Juan Cardinal Landázuri-Ricketts, then the Archbishop of Lima and the President of the Episcopal Conference of Latin American (CELAM).

In 1969, however, Msgr. Cornejo-Radavero resigned his office after eloping to Buenos Aires, Argentina, and attempting marriage with the daughter of an Argentine federal police officer.

The next year, Msgr. Cornejo consecrated as a bishop Maurice Cantor, a former Benedictine monk, who had been ordained a Roman Catholic priest in 1948, but had left his monastery in 1950 (and the Roman Catholic Church in 1964).

Since 1964 Bishop Cantor has headed the Église Sainte Marie, at Aignon, which is near Rouen in Normandie, France. Msgr. Cornejo has joined him there and in 1987 consecrated two other bishops for Bishop Cantor's church.


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