[FROM THE DUST JACKET] The Precise Parallel New Testament presents seven of the most well-known New Testament translations side by side on each page along with the original Greek text. Comparing these translations verse by verse brings to light important differences in language and interpretation among seven works based on the same original language documents.

The translations included in The Precise Parallel New Testament have all at one time been considered the most accurate versions of their eras. This volume reveals how the perception of accuracy has changed over the years. The emergence of new scholarship has led to revisions of older versions such as the King James Bible and the Rheims. These revisions have resulted in the emergence of more contemporary translations, including:

The New American Standard, considered the closest approximation to a word-for-word translation of the original texts.

The Amplified Bible, which attempts to reflect word-for-word accuracy in a different way by providing alternative translations of certain words within the text to make their meanings clearer.

The New Revised Standard Version, published in 1989 and incorporating the most recent advances in biblical scholarship.

The Precise Parallel New Testament includes translations spanning the widest range of Christian perspectives, including:

The Rheims and the more contemporary New American Bible, preferred by Catholics.

The New International Version and The New American Standard, most often used by evangelical Protestants.

The New Revised Standard Version, favored by mainline Protestants for its sensitivity to inclusive language as well as for its accuracy.

The King James Version, used regularly by Evangelical Protestants, and still revered by many for its beautiful language.

This volume gives remarkable insight into the effects time and different faith orientations have had on translation of this fundamental work. The Precise Parallel New Testament is an invaluable resource for readers with an interest in the study of language and the Bible. It is also an excellent reference tool for pastors and language scholars.

xli and 1429 pages long.

[FROM TJB] I keep this volume always close at hand.